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Cruise Night Two: Comic Con

Relaxing on the Serenity Deck

At the beginning of May, my sister and I went on the Backstreet Boys Cruise, and each night was spectacular.

Last week, I wrote about Cruise Night One: High School Night, where we dress in Harry Potter attire.  The second night of the cruise was called “We’ve Got It Going Con” and it was Comic Con themed.  My sister and I were definitely excited for this theme since we love going to comic cons!  You may have seen in The Search for the Perfect Jumpsuit that I was planning a Catwoman costume so that I could reuse the jumpsuit for a Darth Vader costume.

Relaxing day before a long night…

During our second day on the cruise, there were rough seas and rain.  There was a pressure system in the Caribbean that was creating less than ideal conditionals.  Apparently, Turks and Caicos was getting it bad so an announcement was made that we would be rerouted.  The ship turned around and started making it’s way towards Nassau, Bahamas.

Since it was rainy in the afternoon, we just relaxed on the Serenity Deck.  I wore a new Backstreet Boys cruise sweatshirt over my BCBGeneration wrap dress.  This dress was features in my Wrap Dresses for All Seasons post, and it is so great for traveling!

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Close up of Catwoman

My sister dressed as Harley Quinn

Creating Catwoman…

My sister had decided that she wanted to do a Harley Quinn costume for the cruise, and I wanted a costume to go along with hers.  I had never dressed as Catwoman, even though she has always been my favorite Batman character.

After purchasing the XOXO Junior’s Corset-Waist jumpsuit from Macy’s, I went on Amazon to look for all the accessories.  I bought the Luwint Women’s Sexy Elastic Shiny Wet Look Satin Long Gloves ( Black) from Amazon, and I ended up cutting small holes in the index finger and thumb parts of the gloves so that I could use my phone.  The adorable ears and mask were Bonnie Z. Leonardo Black Lace Masquerade Mask With Cat Ears Headband Flower.  I loved the ears and getting the lace mask was a bonus.

Since I wanted to go with the Julie Newmar Catwoman theme, I bought a gold hoop chain belt and a gold cat necklace.  The Women’s Polished O- Ring All Over Links Metal Link Chain Waist Fashion Belt (Gold) really elevated my jumpsuit to bring together my Catwoman look.  The Rose Gold Necklace Plated Cubic Zirconia Charm Cat Pendant Necklace was a little small and hard to see in photos, but it is super cute.

Concerts and Parties…

After getting dressed, we went to a Storytellers themed Backstreet Boys cruise concert.  This was such an amazing experience.  They told stories about each song they were singing.  As a long time fan, I always appreciated how many “older” songs that they sang.  I think there was only one song that was a hit single out of their set list, and it was truly a special moment to hear so many songs live that they very infrequently sing.

When our concert was over, it was time to go out to the Lido Deck.  The Backstreet Boys came out in Comic Con themed outfits – Thor, Deadpool, Zorro, and one of them was even the Joker.  I wish we could have gotten a photo since we also had Batman themed costumes.  Of course, there were A LOT of Harley Quinns.  There were also several Catwomans and Poison Ivys to go with the Harley Quinns.

Overall, I still loved my costume.  It was pretty easy and affordable to put together,  I was happy that I would be able to reuse my jumpsuit to create Darth Vader… which I will blog about Galactic Nights very soon!

Stay tuned for the details about the rest of the cruise AND the Disney vacation from Memorial weekend.

Same bat time, same bat channel.  Well, it might be at a different time because I tend to be a little bit random when I post due to work and family and traveling and, well, life!


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