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French Connection Spring Purse


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me carrying an adorable pink purse lately.  

Soft pink colors are so perfect for Spring, and this purse is just a must for any outfit.

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A purse for a mom that sometimes doesn’t want a mom purse…

Now that my daughter is finally potty trained, I have been going back to using real purses and not just diaper bags.  Sure, I still need to stash a few pairs of extra underwear and leggings in my car.  And there is always a little container of goldfish in my purse.  BUT, overall, I am starting to bring less and less Layla stuff with me when I go out.

You can get one in two different colors!

This French Connection adorable purse is actually considered a camera bag, and you can also find it in a great smokey black color on Amazon.  Check out:  French Connection Womens Frisco Camera Bag Smokey One Size.



Outfit of the day details…

My complete outfit included a Calvin Klein sweater and Lysse black pants.  The pink purse added a bit of color on a Spring day that’s actually a grey day.  My outfit matched the gloomy skies on this faux Spring day.

What season is this again?  Are you sure it’s Spring?

Virginia just can’t seem to make up it’s mind if it wants to be Winter or Spring.  Forever “Sprinter” days are just making me crazy.   I am so ready to live in dresses and skirts, but I keep having to pull out the sweaters in my closet.  Thankfully, I think this week will be the last of the cold weather.  It looks like it will be getting warmer and warmer every day.  Although, I am not crazy about it going from 45 to 75 to 85.  I mean, COME ON.  Where are the 60’s and 70’s that I love so much???  I am sure the sunny 68 degrees days will come when I am in Florida where it will be much hotter and more humid.


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