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Blue Ridge Birthday


Blue Ridge Grill is one of my favorite local restaurants.

While re-vamping my blog I found this post from August 2016, and I wanted to include it in my blog.  Instead of editing, I will just share our experience from his 31st birthday…

My husband celebrate his 31st birthday last weekend.  Since we have a 1 year old celebrations can be tricky, but we made it work to be able to enjoy alone time and family time.  We each took off a little early from work during the week to go see the new Jason Bourne movie while Layla was still in daycare.  It was a perfect choice for his birthday because we saw The Bourne Supremacy at the movies together when we were 18 year olds going on a date.  <3  Now 12 years late, they are still making Bourne movies!

Because I wanted to advance to the next level of tired mommy status — I fell asleep during the movie.  BUT, it was only for 10 minutes towards the end.  😉

img_9880On his actual birthday, we went out to lunch with Layla in tow to Blue Ridge Grill.  This is one of our favorite restaurants.  My husband loves the fried shrimp platter.  I love many things on the menu — including the wine!  Although the crab cakes is one of my favorite entrees, I opted for the King Street Creole pasta.  I had gotten it on Mother’s Day and enjoyed it again.  It has chicken, shrimp, and sausage on penne pasta.  We had ordered a chicken fingers kid’s meal for Layla, but she had no interest in the chicken.  She devoured every piece of fruit, and we had to order a second helping of fruit.  That girl loves her fruits and veggies.

After lunch, I took a few make up check selfies.  Lipstain, eye makeup, and foundation were still on point!  Enjoy my selfie collage below!





-Originally posted August 2016

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